Kips Bay Designer Show House 2016

Kips Bay is an exclusive showhouse in New York City- to be invited to do a Room in the prestigious annual Kips Bay showhouse is an honor for any designer. For My second Kips Bay showhouse room (my first room done in 2009 can be seen separately on our work page); I chose to exercise creativity to create this chalk paneled space…

Napoleon’s Lounge

If Napoleon were alive today what would a room that he would have some downtime in, or recline in look like? I’ve had such a room as this in my head for quite some time ….

Napoleon the conqueror travelled far and wide to amass antiquities and arts to redefine and develop a new personality for the reborn French nation following the revolution. Napoleon was a collector and he loved fine things, especially those with historic precedents. The new French appetite embodied the finery of the classics while at the same time being forward thinking with great aspirations for the future.

Napoleon's campaign was about beauty and his appreciation of fine things, which is what design is today. I think it is said that in his travels, Napoleon would often put together a temporary space where he could rest and lounge between conquering assignments. Our lounge features elements from the classics that are transitional and can be easily transported as well as contemporary and modern.

The furniture pieces are a harmonious collection of the traditional aesthetic and the break away from those very materials, shapes and styles. The lounge walls are characterized by the whimsical chalk panel lines, the notions for an architectural heritage referencing past history but rendered in a contemporary medium. Chalk, being a transient material can be quickly applied and dismantled. The added bonus, one of Garrow’s closest friends, is the multi-talented chalk artist, better known as the rappin’ mathelete from the cult classic film Mean Girls, Rajiv Surendra.

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club children, what better medium than chalk is there that can be used to communicate design inspiration to young minds?



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