Architectural Jewel Box

This sun-splashed pied-a-terre apartment features a classic and neutral architectural background accentuated throughout using bold and dramatic colors and patterns on the upholstery as contrast against its tailored shell. The apartment was designed to showcase the client’s collection of artwork; placed strategically throughout the rooms to magnetically draw visitors through the rooms.

The apartment is small jewel box outfitted with intrigue architectural detail work in terms of paneling, wainscoting, crown moldings etc. Balance and architectural symmetry are offset by the use of bold, fresh, and enticing colors- responding and enhancing the intrinsic airiness and lightness of the space. The client has a very whimsical personality and Garrow wanted the whimsical aspect of her taste to shine through. The furnishings are classically structured but the color palette is fresh, modern and edgy.
The entry gallery is an exhibition space for interesting works of art and offers an intimate seating grouping. The living room is anchored with an oversized cityscape painting reminiscent of the views seen through the adjacent terrace window. The informal theme of the painting offsets the underlying classical arrangement of the room. The upholstery is clean and crisp, without any trim or welt. A bold fluorescent lime green on the two upholstered chairs, coupled with the exaggerated mid century modern balustrade form lamps on flaking end tables help bookend the painting and anchor the main living room seating grouping. The mid century modern element is repeated in a simple square card/game table which doubles as an intimate dining area opposite from the main seating grouping at the fire side corner.
The bedroom is serene-done in endless shades of celery green. A decorative bed hanging canopy was used to create a cocoon within the intimate space. Simple geometric lines on the bed hanging fabric are accentuated by bolder, more colorful prints occurring on the throw pillows. The desk corner area of the bedroom features a rotating gallery of the clients’ personal favorite art. Mid century modern bedside lamps thread the whimsical personality of the living room into the bedroom. The walls are a herringbone raffia, multi layered in greens and creams. The carpet is diametrically opposite from the walls- in a rusty orange hue.
The client is an artist. And the most dramatic light filled space of the apartment was made into a small painting studio. The studio features bold red accents, but is simple in overall composition to allow the painter uninhibited creativity.


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