The renowned custom fabric house of Peter Fasano ( four of his favorite forward thinking designers to come up with their own designs for custom fabric lines. Garrow Kedigian enjoyed thoroughly working on this project with the other designers as well as Peter Fasano, and is thrilled to offer a variety of new fabric designs all available now in customizable colors.  The primary fabric that Garrow developed is his Camilla, a distinctive, abstracted, and organic but geometric floral pattern.  While working on a dressing room project, Garrow was captivated and inspired by a fanciful shoe featuring a wonderful rosette.

Check out the Camilla here, along with a few other design concepts.

For samples and orders, please contact Garrow Kedigian's office at (212)-517-8451 or

Featured Fabric:


GK-PF-10018 Camilla in Fire & Ice

GK-PF-10012 Camilla
in Rose

GK-PF-10013 Camilla
in Powder Blue

GK-PF-10014 Camilla
in Coffee & Cream

GK-PF-10015 Camilla
in Charcoal

GK-PF-10016 Camilla
in Teal Marine

GK-PF-10017 Camilla
in Oreo

Other Fabric Inspirations


Deco Sunrise

Cloud Mine

Choco Blocks

Sleeping With The Fishes

Key Me